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Buffalo Chiropractic Doctor

Buffalo Chiropractic Doctor

Dr. Richard Ziarkowski is a highly sought-after Buffalo chiropractic doctor with several years of experience. Dr. Z at Universal Chiropractic specializes in offering services such as spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, chiropractic care, etc., at affordable prices.

Top reasons to choose Dr. Ziarkowski for chiropractic services in Buffalo

Dr. Richard Ziarkowski is one of the top Chiropractors in New York with over 22 years of experience in offering chiropractic adjuments. Dr. Z’s patients not only overcome their pain-related ailments but lead a better quality life by following his instructions and by adopting certain lifestyle changes. Dr. Z follows a proactive approach, where he recommends his patients to lead a stress-free life and to eat a well-rounded, nourishing, and balanced diet. Furthermore, Dr. Z improves the lifestyle of his patients by recommending them to engage in regular exercise. Our Buffalo chiropractor also suggests the intake of whole food supplements to his patients to ensure that their body gets all the right nutrients to stay healthy.

Dr. Z is an expert in guiding and monitoring individuals that need help with reaching their health goals. He provides his patients with highly effective tools, resources, and suggestions to lead a pain-free, healthy, and fulfilling life. Our doctor develops a customized treatment plan for each of his patients to help them heal and recover from injured discs without the need for surgery. He is also an expert at treating bulging, degenerative and herniated discs, and other types of skeletal misalignments.

Benefits of chiropractic care

While most people seek the services of a chiropractor for pain relief, chiropractic care offers a variety of other benefits as well. Some of the benefits of the chiropractic adjustments include:

  • It can help improve joint mobility, range of motion, and improve overall function in individuals. Chiropractic adjustments help loosen tight muscles and improve the flexibility of the muscle.
  • It slows down the degeneration of the joints and connective tissues and reduces your chances of developing arthritis. It also slows down the ongoing inflammatory processes in the body (subluxation) and keeps you healthy.
  • It helps improve circulation in areas of your body with stagnant blood and plays a key role in bringing in new blood. Improved blood circulation speeds up the recovery process in post-operative patients and those healing from injuries.

Besides, chiropractic care also helps improve nerve system function and strengthens the immune system in individuals. Patients visiting our Buffalo chiropractic clinic also experience improved athletic performance, vitality, and better sleep.

Tips for choosing a chiropractor

When looking for chiropractors, you want to find someone with at least ten or more years of experience to garner the best treatment outcome. Check a chiropractor’s credentials and online reviews from previous patients to learn about the efficacy of his/her services.

Call us today at 716-822-2225 or visit to schedule an appointment with our Chiropractor in Buffalo. We offer excellent Buffalo chiropractic services that help improve joint mobility, overall health, and speeds up recovery. At Universal Chiropractic, our highly experienced Buffalo Chiropractic Doctor uses the most advanced and proven techniques to help patients lead a pain-free life.

Buffalo Chiropractic Doctor
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