Pregnancy Massage Vancouver

Pregnancy Massage Vancouver

The pregnancy massage, otherwise known as a prenatal massage, is a therapeutic massage that helps the mother to heal as her body undergoes the dramatic process of pregnancy. This massage includes specially designed cushions that allow the recipient to lie face down in a prone position during each stage of pregnancy. This gentle approach helps ease discomfort and adverse symptoms associated with pregnancy while enhancing the mind to prepare for the daunting task ahead.

At Cranky Knot, we believe that pregnancy is something special and take extra care to provide comfort for mothers-to-be. We strive to provide the best pregnancy massage in Vancouver, but for more information, please contact us at 604-488-9456. One of our licensed massage therapist specialists will be happy to provide accommodations or provide more details.

Relieves pregnancy aches

When carrying around all that extra weight, your hips, back, and legs will begin to show stress and discomfort. Of course, there are aches and pains associated with other areas, and other troubles like tension and knots, fatigue, congestion, and more. Swelling is also a significant symptom that can be treated by massage therapy and is common in the upper chest and joint area.

Cramps can also be relieved with soothing, thorough strokes. Pains are typical in the hip, knee, and back area, but could be indicative of sickness like arthritis. Frequent massages and therapy on the affected area can reduce the likelihood of this. Prenatal massages are also shown to increase the flexibility of skin and tissue, resulting in a more natural delivery and birth. Blood pressure and any tension will also be decreased, and the heart will have an easier time performing its job.

Comfort at Cranky Knot Wellness Centre

It’s understandable that you may not be comfortable lying face down on your bed, let alone a traditional massage table. Here at Cranky Knot, we utilize pillows and wedges explicitly designed for pregnant mothers of all stages to be comfortable during their massage. Once you’re in a comfortable position, one of our licensed therapists can begin to work on any problem areas or discuss a plan catered to your needs. With the specialized pillows, your posture can be improved thanks to adjusting the alignment caused by the growing baby. Various oils and other treatments are available as well - your massage therapist will be happy to discuss any specific plans.

Benefits of prenatal massages

A prenatal massage also improves blood circulation, which helps to supply more oxygen and vital nutrients to the mother and child. Also, massages can help relieve headaches by focusing specifically on the neck, shoulders and head area, as well as alleviating muscle tension. With relaxed muscles, swelling and fatigue can be reduced over time.

A prenatal massage heavily supports the flow of blood to the uterus and placenta and can increase by almost half. As the pregnancy continues, the uterus has more room to grow thanks to the broader pelvic bowl. The mother-to-be will also have a more comfortable delivery thanks to the more profound pelvic bowl.

Pregnancy Massage Vancouver

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