Registered Massage Therapy Vancouver

Registered Massage Therapy Vancouver

Massage therapy is a traditional medicine that is being offered more and more. Massage therapy aims to work on any aches or pains in the body, which are typically caused by agitated muscles that can be overstretched, torn, knotted, or otherwise. Pressure is applied by use of the hands, fingers, elbows, or knees. Other techniques used include strokes and rhythm, and the application of oils and lotions.

We offer a variety of massages at Cranky Knot that revolve around you, the patient, feeling better and accelerating your healing process.

Registered Massage Therapy in Vancouver

Our registered massage therapists will be happy to come up with a treatment that is perfect for your individual needs. We offer a deep tissue massage, a specialized Swedish relaxation massage, therapeutic sports massages, and massages specifically for pregnant mothers. On top of the massages, we also offer acupuncture, hot stone massages, and our specific “I’ve got your back” treatment. Our back treatment focuses on your back, one of the most critical parts of your body.

Registered Massage Therapy Vs. Licensed Massage Therapy

It’s important to understand the difference between a registered massage therapist and a licensed massage therapist. Canada has some of the highest requirements to becoming a massage therapist thanks to the regulation of healthcare professionals. To become a fully registered massage therapist, one must have insurance and pass a board exam. This is after attending an approved school and completing both a required program and if the province needs, sitting for mandatory board exams.

A licensed massage therapist is someone who has completed the education segment but has not signed on with any provincial association to become a full-fledged registered massage therapist (RMT). All of our therapists at Cranky Knot are fully licensed massage therapists and fully compliant with British Columbia standards.

Massage therapists are typically versed in the areas of neurology, physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, and therapeutic exercise. Also, Cranky Knot has three resident registered acupuncturists. We are happy to work out a specific message or treatment tailored to your particular needs! For rates or more information, please call us at 604-488-9456.

Massage Therapy Benefits

While massage therapy helps to treat physical ailments, like aches, pains, and muscle tension, it is also an active treatment for reducing anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and inflammation, and even helping to treat the symptoms of illnesses like fibromyalgia, digestive tract issues, and myofascial pain. A massage helps to manage both physical and mental ailments.

Massages aren’t for everybody, so be sure to check with your doctor. Ailments and symptoms that can prevent massage therapy include bleeding disorders, fractures, deep vein thrombosis, burns, and severe osteoporosis. Muscles being tender or sore after a massage is relatively standard, and the act of a massage itself does not cause problems to flare up from pressure. Please be sure to let your massage therapist know if anything does not feel right.

We are located in the heart of Vancouver at Suite 315-900 Howe Street, and we hope to see you in person!

Registered Massage Therapy Vancouver
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