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Swedish Relaxation Massage Vancouver One of the Best Swedish Relaxation Massages in Vancouver
Are you looking for a calming, deep-tissue massage? One of our most popular treatments, the Swedish relaxation massage is actually one of the most well-known massages in the entire Western hemisphere. Massages can be an important catalyst in getting the most out of your daily life. More than just pampering, massages have been clinically proven to marginally improve your health.
A Swedish massage relies on five different styles of strokes. These include the effleurage (sliding movement), petrissage (a kneading movement), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (perpendicular with fibers or with the fibers), and vibration. These massages have been shown to be helpful in reducing joint stiffness, pain, and even helping with thyroid issues and osteoarthritis. Of course, when your body feels good, your mood should be just as good. Other symptoms and conditions that our relaxing therapeutic Swedish massage can treat include stress relief, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, and assist in alleviating chronic pain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, and post-injury whiplash.
Stop by Cranky Knots for one of the best Swedish relaxation massages in Vancouver! Each of our expert team members are registered massage therapists, which are regulated healthcare professionals right here in British Columbia. Generally, our treatments (including this one) are covered by extended medical plans, but be sure to check with your coverage, first.
The Benefits of a Swedish Relaxation Massage
A member of our expert team starts by lubricating the skin with massage oil, then begin to ease the muscles with long, gliding strokes in the direction of the heart. This helps to relax the body while increasing oxygen levels in the body, decreasing the activity of muscle toxins, and improving blood flow and flexibility. Over time, the body’s lymphatic system will be revitalized and help to carry away any waste products or harmful toxins
Swedish relaxation massages, like this one available, are incredibly beneficial for the recipient. It helps to calm the nervous system, which induces a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Muscle tissue is warmed up over the course of the massage, which helps to release tension from “knotted” muscles in your body. Whether the massage is after participating in sports or just relieving some aches and pains, a relaxing massage can do the body a world of good.
Additional Information
We offer many different essential oils, which are created from many different herbs, plants, roots and flowers that all have beneficial qualities. These oils enhance the massage experience and induce relaxation and calmness. If you have a request, or even questions about scents, please let us know while scheduling your appointment.
Our Swedish relaxation massages come in 15 minute increments, starting at 30 minutes, and last for up to 2 hours. For more information, please stop by our location at Suite 315-900 on Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, or call us at 604-488-9456. You can also book an appointment online through our website. Our registered massage therapists will be happy to provide you with a receipt for bookkeeping purposes Swedish Relaxation Massage Vancouver
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