Therapeutic Sports Massage Vancouver

Therapeutic Sports Massage Vancouver

A therapeutic sports massage is a specific type of massage that focuses on treating ailments and aches associated with recreational fitness. These include soft tissue aches, pains, and injuries, as well as muscle stiffness. Anyone who pushes their physical boundaries through movement and actions including cycling, running, swimming, hiking, tennis, and a whole lot more can benefit from a sports massage. While not limited to athletics, therapeutic sports massages also aim at people who use their joints a lot, like gardeners, mothers with small children, clerks, and more.

Exercise Hurts the Body

Believe it or not, exercise can hurt the body. While exercise promotes general health, your body ultimately experiences aches and pains. Exercise and conditioning happen in three steps; the first is the teardown phase, the second is the recovery phase, and the third is the buildup phase. During the tearing down phase, muscle and fibers will begin to break down, which is typically where muscle soreness happens.

During recovery, the muscles and fibers cease breaking down and look to bond with each other to begin rebuilding. Then, during the buildup phase, the human body adapts to the new environment.

Injuries are common in athletics, primarily due to the participant not stretching their muscles and fibers properly. To alleviate this, Cranky Knot helps to increase the range of motion and flexibility of joints that you often use in sports. This is accomplished by flexing the joint while applying pressure and rhythm to loosen the muscle or tissue, giving the joint more room to maneuver.

Cranky Knot’s Therapeutic Sports Massage

At Cranky Knot, we employ similar techniques from the deep tissue massage. By utilizing trigger points, we emphasize deep strokes with pressure into tender points in the muscle and tissue. We focus on overused areas and joints which are often stressed from sharp, repetitive movements. Rhythm and compression are also applied, which helps to loosen up any knots or underlying tissue damage.

We strive to provide the best therapeutic sports massage in Vancouver, so please contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions. Canadian health coverage is increasingly offering sports massage therapy but checks with your care plan first. Contact us at 604-488-9456 for more information.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Sports Massage

A sports massage helps alleviate aches and pains that are primarily caused by athletics, which include fast, aggressive movements. A sports massage will help to improve range of motion and relieve lower back pain, reduce cramping and nerve pain, and increase joint flexibility. Of course, a therapeutic sports massage will increase the blood’s circulation, which leads to an increase of energy and an overall improvement of the delivery of nutrients and oxygen into tissue and organs.

A sports massage can also be an essential part of rehabilitation after injury, or when you’re feeling sore and achy. For muscle cramps, bruises, or even tears, a therapeutic sports massage assists in healing and reducing overall discomfort during the recovery process.

Therapeutic Sports Massage Vancouver
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