Our “I’ve got your back” treatment is a unique specialty from Cranky Knot Wellness that is designed to improve the overall quality of the back.

As massage practitioners, we have the best opportunity to focus on your back – the largest and hardest to reach part of your body. Let us help you improve both the appearance of the skin and the condition of your muscles with one special treatment.

Beginning with a special formula of dead sea / mineral salts that together create an improved skin texture like never before. This effective yet gentle mixture increases circulation to let the skin breathe while removing accumulated residue and skin impurities. Dead sea salts are known for they’re healing and therapeutic properties as they contain a high content of minerals and trace elements to bring a healthy and radiant glow to the skin. This product also contains Jojoba, Avocado, Peach and sunflower oils.

Hot towels remove the salt and readies the back for the mud application. Warm Black Baltic Body Mud Rich in natural minerals, humic acid and organic / plant material provides a highly effective benefit to maintain the healthy metabolism of the skin while assisting in absorbing impurities, removing toxins and elevating moisture. This luxurious mud also contains nourishing Jojoba, Avocado, Peach, Sunflower oils. An imperviable layer is used to cover the mud to allow for the body to sweat and release toxins. While that process is taking place a scalp, lower leg and feet massage ensues. To follow, is a hot towel removal of the mud, extractions if necessary and a back and neck massage to complete this treatment.