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“I’ve got your back”

Our “I’ve got your back” treatment is a unique specialty from Cranky Knot Wellness that is designed to improve the overall quality of the back.

As massage practitioners, we have the best opportunity to focus on your back – the largest and hardest to reach skin of your body. Let us help you improve both the appearance of the skin and the condition of your muscles with one special treatment.

Beginning with an epsom salt scrub to the back, followed with a clay application which is wrapped and allows for the drawing out of impurities, hot towels remove the clay to prepare for a luxurious massage. During the clay phase of this treatment a foot and scalp massage are also included which will put you into a state of complete relaxation.

Step 1. Salt or sugar scrub → help take care of blackheads and other impurities;
Step 2. Hot clay → Towel and heating pad, same time scalp massage for total relaxation;
Step 3. Back massage → deep pressure, impurities come out and leave your back cleansed;