Registered Massage Therapist

This would be a great choice for Chronic pain in any soft tissue structures such as Muscle, Tendon, Ligament and Fascia, when someone suffers from poor posture, overuse of a body part and strains/spasm/numbness/Headaches and other types of discomfort. An RMT would be able to loosen the tension brought on by shortened positions and eradicate trigger points in the muscle to free ability for healthy function again. The therapist will give stretches and advice for correcting bad habits that may contribute to repeated injury. They are the soft tissue experts.


This would be a great choice for an Acute flareup of an injury brought on from an over expectation of movement that wasn’t able to allow for that range due to tightness. This modality has the ability to use electrical equipment to bring down microscopic inflammation fast that could be present and to encourage movement and recover through strength training.


This would be someone you may see for Joint pain, restricted movement in your activities and for returning to proper skeletal positioning. A patient may feel like there is pain or boney block in their range of motion or upon deep inhalation. The ligaments that cross the joints that are essentially holding the bones in place while allowing for proper movement need to remain strong and taut. This type of modality is used more now for ART style treatment (deep muscle stripping with movement) and less dependent on quick spinal manipulations that result in progressive laxity in the joint space due to over-adjustments leaving ligaments loose.