What Coaching is…

  • It is a path to change what isn’t working & to help highlight an easier solution.
  • It supports a person at every level in becoming who they truly want to be.
  • It builds awareness & empowers choices that lead to permanent positive change.
  • It ultimately unlocks a person’s potential & maximises their performance.
  • It is a conversation that will make space for you to talk & hear your answers.
  • It will give you tools to help deal with life’s challenges & lessons learned.
  • It is a partnership between coach & client to motivate and move toward success.

What Coaching isn’t…

  • It is not a counselling, advising or a therapy session that is looking to fix you.
  • It is not assuming you are broken, as you aren’t. 
  • It is not looking to teach you, as you learn from discovering your answers.
  • It is not focusing on the past, but looking at your present & future desires.
  • It isn’t the coach doing the work, as the heavy lifting is done by you the client.

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself. – Galileo Galilei

Reasons to choose a coaching relationship:

  • Boost Confidence
  • Improve Work Performance       
  • Build Effective Communication Skills
  • Alleviate Burnout          
  • Build & Enhance Relationships
  • Establish & Achieve Goals
  • Increase Level of Engagement
  • Re-establish Passion in Career/Life
  • Build Personal Awareness
  • Teach A Deeper Level Of Learning
  • Create A Resource/Support For Improving Specific Skills

About Sherry Olsen

Sherry Olsen Life Coach VancouverSherry Olsen has taken her Personal and Business Coaching through the Canadian Coaching Academy. She is a CEO of Cranky Knot Wellness Centre and has been a Registered Massage Therapist for more than 20 years. Sherry has been in the Wellness industry for many years working with a multitude of practitioners and has gained valuable skills and tools that assist her in her career.

Sherry’s mission is to excite people into finding their inner power and to recognizing their beauty and love within so that they will be free to sore with confidence, opportunity and peace.

She is a meditator, committed to life-long learning and enjoys the process of self-discovery. She loves her role as a Mother, mentor, teacher and is fond of writing in her spare time.

What to expect in a coaching session

Sherry is committed to creating a safe, curious, compassionate and confidential space for clients to share their stories and work through their patterns that no longer are helping them. A session will feel more like an empowering conversation than anything else. We sometimes don’t see or hear what we do and say, this opportunity will shine a light on those aspects of us that go unnoticed. The beliefs we hold, the language we use, the actions we repeat all form a basis for how our lives play out. These behaviours are sometimes holding us back and preventing what we truly want from our lives.

Sherry will work with you to establish goals and create a personal plan of action. She is also committed to holding you accountable through each stage of your personal and business transformation process.

The right fit is essential in any coaching relationship. Sherry offers a 15 or 30 minute discovery session to help both parties determine that the coaching relationship is a perfect match.

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